Išmaniosios svarstyklės PICOOC Digital Smart scales S1 Pro V2 Balta

  • Išmaniosios svarstyklės PICOOC Digital Smart scales S1 Pro V2 Balta

  • The Picooc S1 Pro V2 is the second generation model of the Picooc smart scale. Higher accuracy in determining body composition, new parameters: measurement of pulse, tone and body balance.

    The Picooc S1 Pro V2 measures more than 15 parameters: body weight, amount of fat, muscle, water in the body, basal metabolic rate and many others – and saves the results to your smartphone. The scale features an elongated rectangular platform 34 × 26 cm, which will be comfortable for people with a foot size of up to 44.

    More than 15 measurements
    Get complete information about your body.
    Body weight (kg; ideal/control)
    Body fat (%/kg; ideal/control)
    Muscle (%/kg; ideal/control)
    Index of internal fat
    Basal metabolic rate (current/target/control)
    Water in the body (%)
    Protein (%)
    Bone mass
    Skeletal muscle (%)
    Body mass index
    Metabolic age
    Lean body mass
    Heart rate
    Body balance
    Body tone
    Body assessment
    Body type

    More accurate than ever
    The second generation of Picooc smart scales for the first time uses the method of multi-phase bioimpedance MFIM (Multi-Frequency Impedance Measurement), which reduces the error in determining body composition by 30% compared to other household smart scales.

    Pulse measurement
    Thanks to the smart scale, you can track your heart rate (Heart Rate) every time you weigh in.

    Body tone
    This metric was specifically developed for the Picooc Health Measurement System (PHMS). It reflects the general state of the body's energy resource. A low tone index is a sign that you need to pay more attention to diet and rest, restoring energy.

    Body balance
    This is not just a metric, but a special mode for measuring the quality of the vestibular apparatus. With its help, you can assess the sense of balance. It is important to understand that a sense of balance can and should be developed. This will help to avoid household injuries, simplify the development of new sports and help in the development of plasticity. You can test how well you feel and control your body. Run the balance test in the app, stand on the platform with one foot and close your eyes. The balance will measure the balance and, if necessary, give recommendations on how to improve it.

    Connect to your smartphone
    Picooc S1 Pro V2 connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Before stepping on the scale for the first time, you need to open the app and select the appropriate option - after that the results will be saved in your profile.

    Quick start and ease of use
    For the device to work, install the free Picooc app on your iOS or Android smartphone.

    All of the info you need
    On the main screen of the Picooc app and you can see all the basic information you need: the graph of changes and the weighing history. Look furter in the app and you can see more detailed measurements, tips and explanations.

    Maintain a healthy shape. The app analyzes your results and draws conclusions not only about the changes in your weight, but also about the sources of these changes. At the end of the month, a detailed report with basic information is generated.

    Unlimited users
    Weigh yourself in with the whole family! In the app, you can add the required number of users. In the future, additional profiles can be made independent on individual smartphones.

    Sports beta
    For professional athletes, a special version has been developed that takes into account the structural features of the trained body (high proportion of muscle mass and low fat content). This option is separately enabled in the Picooc app.